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UNite DriverCareProfessional drivers who are members of Unite can benefit from a unique service to support them at work - DriverCare.

Why DriverCare?

For all professional drivers an accident, illness or injury could mean the permanent loss of their licence. And no licence means no job.

While all Unite members are entitled to a wide range of services at work and support in personal matters too, Unite’s DriverCare scheme - first introduced in 1997 - offers compensation for the permanent loss of a licence and extra benefits, including accident and assault cover, all for a small sum on top of the standard Unite membership contribution. Ordinary licence users and conductors and conductresses can also benefit from this scheme, as can members over 60 years old.

If you're not a Unite member but think you might benefit from the DriverCare scheme, join Unite now. For existing members wishing to benefit from DriverCare, contact your regional office.

DriverCare benefits

For only 80p a week extra on top of the standard Unite membership contribution drivers and their families can benefit from the following:

  • £7,000 cover following loss of licence due to injury, disability, illness, poor eyesight or assault. 
  • £5,000 for death or permanent disability following an accident at work. 
  • £1,000 following an assault at work. 
  • Financial support for legal costs incurred while working as a professional driver. 
  • Help with legal costs and consequential hardship following being charged with certain traffic offences.

Members over the age of 60 enjoy increased personal accident cover of £30,000 and assault cover of £3,000 in place of loss of licence benefit: full details of benefits are available from DriverCare categories  which also describes the special arrangements available for drivers using an 'ordinary' licence, for bus conductors and for those over 60 years old.

Extra cover

Members can exclusively take out top-up cover for loss of licence with additional cover of up to £15,000: contact your regional office for more details of top-up cover.


A number of conditions apply when seeking DriverCare cover following loss of licence, details of which can be found elsewhere on this website. More details can also be found from local representatives or Unite regional offices.

Republic of Ireland

Drivers in the Republic of Ireland should contact their local representative or regional offices for details of the DriverCare financial cover and membership fee in euros.

More help for transport workers

Unite’s DriverCare scheme offers qualifying members extra help should an accident, assault or loss of licence affect their ability to work. But that isn't all that Unite does for drivers. In addition it campaigns for better pay, conditions, training and more. Find out further information from Unite’s Passenger Transport sector.

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